Starbucks 2022 Holiday Cups Are Here

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The holidays are a festive time, and we all look forward to holiday movies, winter activities, and of course, delicious drinks and treats. Starbucks has also been an important part of the holidays for years now, as fans look forward to their fall Pumpkin Spice Lattes and myriad holiday drinks each year.

But for hardcore fans, a big part of the allure of the Starbucks holiday menu are the chain’s holiday cups. The company releases new designs of both reusable and paper cups each year, and while paper cups often slant more traditional, common holiday themes such as snowflakes, Christmas lights, and candy canes in red, green, and white colors, are repurposed. The usables are much brighter.

Last year, reusable cups were adorned with a diamond-like texture, leading many fans to declare them the best holiday cups ever. This year, the popular coffee chain has decided to go ahead with even more stunning designs.

The Starbucks 2022 holiday collection is also double what it was last year, and the 25 pieces include gold, chrome, pink, and even a few color-changing options. Here are our favorite standouts from the line, which is landing at Starbucks locations soon.

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Bling Cold Cups and Bling Jewelry

starbucks blind cold cup
Courtesy of Starbucks

These cups are similar to last year’s options, but the 2022 Cup also features a cute matching ornament that would look perfect on your tree.

jewelry cold cup

starbucks jewelry cold ups
Courtesy of Starbucks

Perfect for your cold brew or iced coffee, these bejeweled cups are likely to be a fan-favorite.

light pink lace cup

starbucks light pink lace cup
Courtesy of Starbucks

Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores, this pink lace cup is a sweet addition to the holiday line.

gradient candy water bottle

starbucks gradient candy water bottle
Courtesy of Starbucks

Designed to be reminiscent of holiday candy, this red and pink bottle will keep you festive and hydrated during the holidays.

color changing hot cup set

starbucks color changing cups
Courtesy of Starbucks

While these cups look more traditional than other 2022 offerings, the color-changing feature will turn your morning hot coffee drinking into an even more exciting experience.

Other Standouts

Other interesting releases include a rainbow ombre tumbler, an Enchanted Forest themed cup, and a tumbler that features a poinsettia design.

Starbucks is also offering a special Christmas- and holiday-themed coffee blend for the season. The Christmas Blend features a dark roasted blend of Aged Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia and Papua New Guinea with notes of baking spices and a chocolate finish, while the Holiday Blend is a balanced and sweet blend of Latin American beans with Sumatran coffee. The bright and sweet blend was “specially roasted to highlight the complexity of the flavor,” according to the brand.

If paper cups are more your speed, past years have shown that the coffee chain drops them in early November, and they’ll be available throughout the holiday season.

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