Some Target shoppers may soon get curbside Starbucks

Running late but in serious need of a latte? Target has you covered this holiday season. Even better, you won’t even need to leave your car!

The brand synonymous with bullseye just announced that customers will soon be able to pre-order Starbucks lattes and other menu items for curbside car delivery. Expected to be in full swing by the start of the holiday season, this convenient offer will be available at 200 targeted locations across the country.

Target and Starbucks have actually been collaborating for quite some time. The two major American brands first partnered in 1999, and as of 2016 there are over 1,300 Starbucks coffee shops inside Target stores. Fast-forward to 2022, and Target has been quietly testing Starbucks curbside delivery for most of this year at select locations.

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According to Target COO John Mulligan, the trial run has been very successful so far. Target shoppers have long wanted to grab a quick coffee with their curbside order, he explained on an earnings call earlier this week.

“It’s been a longtime request from guests. ‘I’m getting milk. I’m getting diapers. Why can’t I have my latte to-go, too?’ The curbside feature proved to be “very, very popular” during the second quarter of this year. Few more details were given, but Mulligan said that a “scaled-down” Starbucks menu was used during the trial run.

One of America’s largest and most profitable retail chains, Target boasts less than 2,000 US locations. Despite a tough third quarter this year with sales “well below expectations,” the mega-retailer is optimistic about the future—and believes the addition of Starbucks to their drive-up curbside delivery program will turn things around in Q4. will help.

For example, Target CFO Michael Fidelke pointed out on the earnings call that Target’s drive-up curbside feature produced “high single-digit” sales growth in the third quarter this year after a remarkable 80% jump in 2021.

Target’s curbside service launched online. Shoppers use either the Target mobile app or website to pre-order their items, then they park at a designated location outside their local store for pick-up, and a The employee delivers the order directly to the car.

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