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Who doesn’t like a little nostalgia? We can’t help but want what we don’t have, and that’s especially true when it comes to old-timey fast-food menus.

Fortunately, McDonald’s has made a habit of bringing back long-lost menu favorites in recent years. The series’ notoriously rare Sichuan Sauce, was originally released in 1998 as a promotional alliance with the Disney film Mulan, returned this spring. A few months before this, the refreshingly different Blueberry Pie reappeared for a limited time only. Just a few weeks ago the Golden Arches also announced the return of a pastry not seen on the menu since the 1980s!

October is around the corner and that means the Halloween season is in full swing. Nothing’s official yet, but rumors are swirling that McDonald’s is set to bring back another dearly missed retro item tied to the spooky season—the Halloween Happy Meal Pail.

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These fun quirks totally take away the nostalgia of autumn and can be used trick-or-treating long after the Happy Meal is gone. First launched in 1986, the Halloween Happy Meal Pale originally came in three orange versions (McPunken, McBoo, and McGoblin). But by 1990 the pail had been reduced to three simple choices: a white ghost, a green witch, or an orange pumpkin.

Various versions of the pail have come and gone since then, but none have connected with consumers quite like the classics seen in the late 1980s and early 1990s. There has been no Halloween pail offered by McDonald’s since 2016.

Fast forward to 2022, and the website Nightmare Nostalgia recently posted what they claim to be the official McDonald’s corporate calendar for October 2022. According to the leaked image, the Halloween Happy Meal pail will rise from the grave to haunt customers across the country. October 18 until the end of the day on Halloween on October 31.

“Now, keep in mind that McDonald’s has not released this information to the public, nor is it official in any way. However, more than a few McDonald’s employees have confirmed that this is indeed true. It is a pleasure to follow along in anticipation of the long return of these national Halloween treasures,” the article reads.

However, the cat seems to be out of the bag and is already all over the internet.

McDonald’s has yet to publicly comment on the leak, but trusted Snack News Instagram account marquee_devo confirmed the story and even added a follow-up post, confirming that McDonald’s is going back to basics this year. Three 2022 Halloween Happy Meal pails will look similar to their early ’90s ancestors: a white ghost bucket, a green witch’s bucket, and an orange pumpkin bucket.

Even if this rumor turns out to be just another ghost story, McDonald’s should heed the customer reaction to all Halloween rumours.

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