McDonald’s is closing all UK locations for a day

McDonald’s may be synonymous with Golden Arches Americana, but on Monday, September 19, the fast-food giant will honor Her Majesty the Queen.

All United Kingdom locations in the United Kingdom will be closed for the Queen’s funeral until 5 p.m. on Monday, according to the chain. UK Twitter account, There are currently approximately 1,200 McDonald’s restaurants operating in the United Kingdom.

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The tweet read: “All of our UK restaurants will be closed until 5pm on Monday so everyone at McDonald’s can pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. Operating hours and services may vary after 5pm, so please visit our website first Check out the app. Travel.”

McDonald’s is far from the only major brand to close its UK locations for the occasion. Many restaurant chains and stores such as Primark, Harrods, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Greg’s, John Lewis and Pizza Express will either close completely or operate on reduced schedules.

Monday will also mark the last day of national mourning in the United Kingdom, so London’s financial markets and banks will also be closed.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has been making headlines around the world for weeks, but Her Majesty’s death truly marks the end of an era for the United Kingdom. The past week has seen incredible domestic support for the Queen and the Royal Family, as thousands have come out to send well wishes with flowers, cards and memorials.

Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. From there, his coffin was moved to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on 11 September. The next day Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was carried to St Giles in a procession by her four children. ‘ Cathedral.

In St Giles’ Cathedral alone, the Queen’s coffin was visited by some 33,000 mourners. Her Majesty made her last visit on 13 September, flying from Edinburgh to London on a military transport plane.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on Monday and will take place in London, but many specifics are yet to be revealed. It is known that the Queen’s coffin will travel to Westminster Abbey for an early morning funeral service and will then be taken to St George’s Chapel, Windsor for burial. Around one lakh people are expected to visit his coffin and pay their last respects.

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