How To Remove The “Hidden Fat” In Your Stomach – Eat This

Is your belly fat bothering you? While excess fat of any kind is unhealthy, visceral fat is particularly dangerous. “Abdominal obesity not only increases your risk for a first heart attack or stroke, but also for recurrent events after the first misfortune,” Dr Hanih Mohamedi of Karolinska Institute in Stockholm says, “Maintaining a healthy waist circumference is important to prevent future heart attacks and strokes, regardless of how many medications you are taking or how healthy your blood tests are.” Here are five scientifically backed ways to get rid of belly fat. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t forget to check out these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID,

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Exercise is an important factor in helping to blast belly fat. “Health experts say that consistent, moderate exercise in itself helps the body get rid of large amounts of deep belly fat—even when your scale isn’t registering a loss,” CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta says, “If you’re at a good weight but still have trouble losing that belly fat, make sure you’re doing the right kind of exercise. While sit-ups only tighten abdominal muscles, studies show Research shows that strength training can reduce belly fat. The American College of Sports Medicine agrees—the best way to get a “six pack” of abs is to reduce total body fat through aerobic exercise and diet. The ACSM also says that abs exercises are most effective to suit your individual needs. Therefore, consult a trainer who can help you design the best program for you to lose belly fat. could.”

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It’s important to eat a diet rich in healthy, nutritious whole foods to lose belly fat. “Nutrition plays an important role in reducing belly fat,” Brett Sher, MD says, “Many diets that promote weight loss, including vegetarian diets and chronic calorie restriction, can help people lose belly fat. However, the key is finding a sustainable diet that provides adequate nutrition and then also helps you lose belly fat. For many people, a low-carb diet can be an effective option, and adding intermittent fasting is promising as well.”

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Experts say that eating under stress can worsen belly fat. “It’s not just a formula of calories and calories. What we eat and how much can determine our overall weight, but stress affects how fat is actually stored on our bodies,” Alyssa Appel, PhD. “We know that excessive exposure to cortisol can lead to increased abdominal fat. So it is logical that reducing stress should reduce it.”

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Studies show that people who strength train have less belly fat, even if they don’t lose weight through exercise. “Stick with core moves that work the major muscle groups—shoulders, chest, back, abs, butt, legs, and arms,” Sherry McMillan says, owner of Northwest Personal Training in Portland, Oregon. “As you get stronger, continue to gradually increase your weight to counteract the loss of muscle mass.”


Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that eating breakfast helps reduce belly fat. “For reasons we don’t yet fully understand, eating breakfast seems to be a marker of No. 1, a reduced likelihood of recent weight gain, and No. 2, … a smaller abdominal circumference and less visceral fat. ” Says cardiologist Dr. Virend Somers, “People who eat breakfast very often tend to weigh less than 3 pounds in the past year. People who snack one to four times a week weigh about 5 pounds. Those who didn’t eat breakfast lost about 8.” Lost pounds. Seeing us in the year before them.”

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