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If you’re looking for major inspiration and inspiration, meet Mike Fremont, a 100-year-old runner who is truly living life to the fullest. “I’m having the best time of my life,” reveals Fremont PeopleAnd that’s not exaggerating in the slightest! Keep reading to learn more about the healthy habits to live to 100, according to the runner who lived and ran strong for over a century.

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Mike Fremont has been running for more than one heavy 60 years, Impressively, centenarians have four world records, earning world records at ages 80 and 90 for scoring the fastest marathon time. totally wow? Read on to learn about Fremont’s healthy habits to live to 100, as there’s so much more to know about this perfect fitness star.

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Fremont began his running journey in his 30s after suffering the heartbreaking loss of his first wife’s brain hemorrhage. The widowed father of three (including a 2-week-old newborn) was euthanized and determined. he shares with People, “When my wife left me, I was under a lot of stress, and I needed to do something every day to relieve the stress. So usually I would take one of my young children, and that was my Little finger would grab and we would run.” He revealed how therapeutic it was and so enjoyable, “it was so much better than the two martinis I’ve had.”

These days, Fremont runs his favorite courses near his home, saluting nearly everyone during his visit. The people they go through are quite familiar with the routine of a 100 year old energetic person. “They’re all used to me,” explains Fremont. They say, ‘I’ve seen you here for 40 years!'” We salute you too, Mike Fremont!

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This running star shines even further than his home state, achieving multiple records ranging from mile runs to marathons. And if you’re not already too impressed with this powerhouse, Fremont also enjoys long-distance canoeing!

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Many of us can learn a lot from Fremont’s positive attitude, enthusiasm for life, and healthy habits to live to 100. In the early 1990s, he was told he had colorectal cancer and had only three months of life left. he remembers People“It was a terrible, terrible thing to tell me.”

But life won out, and 2 1/2 years after the fatal diagnosis, surgeons took out the cancerous tumor. Fortunately, they found no indication anywhere that it had metastasized. “The surgeon said he had looked for metastases in 35 locations and found none. Zero,” Fremont says.

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The extraordinary news prompted Fremont to participate in a 10K, marathon, and everything in between. With its light weight and small size, he soon discovered that he was quite good at running and even started winning a few races!

Fremont immersed himself in the fun game and was even inspired to follow a vegan, macrobiotic diet. According to Plant Based NewsFremont feels, “There is no question in my mind, absolutely, that it is diet that has determined my existence. My continued existence and my beautiful health.”

This running icon is happy to run only for your health and pleasure, sharing it with People“I think I’m smart enough that I can’t try to run a marathon at 100,” adding, “Why do I need anything to prove?”

Fremont is marathoning life in a completely different way, running for pleasure and living a full life with his current wife, Marilyn Wall, with five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He rocked cake (vegan, of course!) and a Florida beach run in February on his century-old birthday. His best advice? If running or marathoning scares you, try it like it did years ago. Fremont also sends everyone an invitation saying, “Come with me. I’ll run with you. I’ll run with you. Whatever you want to do.”

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