Chicken Breast Nutrition: How Many Calories, Protein, More?

Even as plant-based eating has gained popularity, chicken remains one of the most popular sources of protein in the US In fact, Americans eat 8 billion chickens each year. For health-conscious consumers, grilled chicken breast is often the preferred way to consume the bird. Fried chicken may be tasty, but it’s also high in trans fats, which have been linked to increased LDL cholesterol and a negative impact on your heart.

Still, you may be wondering single how much healthier it is to grill chicken compared to cooking it in other ways, especially when it comes to grilling, baking, or sautéing, not just frying. Does it really make a big difference how you cook your chicken? In addition to the cooking method, it’s also helpful to know how chicken compares to other protein sources so you can compare them based on their full nutritional profiles, not just their protein content. If you eat chicken regularly, here’s what registered dieticians want you to know.

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