Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett Recipe

“The story of Cheeseburger in Paradise has been passed down and changes a little every time it’s told,” says Margaritaville concept chef Carlo Sernaglia. “This is the real story, straight from Jimmy:

“In 1974, I sailed to Roadtown, Tortola, after a few days of bad weather. We were tired and hungry, but in those days gourmet restaurants were few and far between in the British Virgin Islands. So it was with great excitement when we read in the cruise guide of the new Village Cay Marina and Restaurant in Roadtown. We tied up our boat and ran out to the patio, where we feasted on hamburgers and whatever accessories were available. Regardless of other stories you may have heard, that is the story of the true birth of the cheeseburger in paradise that she began to sing. I know. I was there.’

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