Burger King is about to undergo major changes

If you were a national fast-food chain that for some reason always lags behind its competitors (if it’s not the food, that’s the good factor), how far would you go to turn things around?

Burger King is investing $400 million to try and improve its brand of optics. According to a press release, one of America’s largest burger chains has just announced that the large investment will be used to accelerate its sales growth and make its products more “premium.”

Dubbed the “Reclaim the Flame” campaign, the plan will be a two-pronged approach, with an investment of $150 million in advertising and the digital components of the business and $250 million in restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, building enhancements and high-quality remodels and transfer will be done. , over the course of two years.

Here are some of the biggest changes customers can expect to see.

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Burger King

Just as McDonald’s consistently manages to keep pace with new generations of consumers, Burger King plans to do the same.

The chain said that it would “refresh” and “modernize” its brand and bring meaning and relevance to its core concepts such as “flame grilling”, as well as its older slogan “Have It Your Way” which was a classic of the 1970s. Dates and emphasizes individuality and self-expression.

Burger King Whopper Sandwich
Burger King/Facebook

As previously announced, Burger King plans to treat its iconic Whopper like it’s a big deal — because it is.

The flame-grilled burger is getting a premium makeover (it’s already been removed from the value menu) with new flavor extensions and improved performance across all of the chain’s kitchens. It seems that customers can expect the Whopper to be more consistent and of better quality.

Burger King Bacon Swiss Cheese Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King recently replaced its Ch’King with the new Royal line of chicken sandwiches, indicating a fresh approach to its menu that shows no mercy for poorly performing items. , even if they were launched recently.

According to the parent company, the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich is easy to make, which greatly enhances the experience for guests. And those are just the beginning, as BK’s plans to become a chicken destination.

Burger King

The chain plans to increase its annual advertising budget by 30% over the next two years, which means you can expect to see more concerted efforts to reach customers and showcase all the guest experience improvements.

Burger King
Eric Glenn / Shutterstock

Burger King’s restaurant is about to get a makeover. The chain will co-invest with its franchisees in restaurant technology, kitchen equipment and building construction across thousands of locations.

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