America’s Best Grocery Chain Is Ending This Convenient Service After Experiencing a “Loss”—Eat This

America’s #1 grocery store may soon have some unhappy customers thanks to its decision to end a service many shoppers found useful, especially during the pandemic.

Wegmans, which has more than 100 locations on the East Coast, is known for exceptional customer service and wholesale selection on a level similar to Costco. But the chain informed shoppers via email this week that it would soon be shutting down its in-store scan-and-go mobile app, an innovative way to check how much money was spent in the store by letting them skip lines. Helped to cut down on time.

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First launched in 2020, the Wegman Scan app enables customers to scan barcodes on their smartphones during purchases, facilitating a seamless self-check-out experience at the end of their journey. This was a popular advantage, and Many Wegmans Customers is in public expressed disappointment Upon the announcement that the app will be shutting down from Sunday, September 18th.

So what does it give? According to an email sent by Wegmans, the grocery chain is facing a lot of “losses” in relation to the Scan app.

“At the start of the pandemic, we quickly rolled out our Scan app to provide a contact-less in-store shopping option. Scan users have told us they love the app and the convenience it offers. We also like it and have tried several adjustments to Keep It. Unfortunately, the pitfalls we are experiencing with this program prevent us from providing it in its current state,” CEO Colleen Wegman wrote in an email. was.

This explanation is a bit vague, but the company declined to provide further details. When asked to clarify, a Wegmans spokesperson said, “We have made the decision to discontinue the app until we can make improvements that will best meet the needs of our customers and business.”

That doesn’t mean Wegmans is completely done with mobile apps and new ways to shop. The original email sent to Scan App users mentioned that the chain will “continue to offer new digital solutions to streamline your shopping experience for the foreseeable future.”

And users of the Scan app won’t go completely empty handed on Sunday—they’ll receive a $20 coupon on their Shoppers Club accounts.

Scan-and-go technology is certainly convenient for shoppers, but it can also cause headaches for retailers. Apps like those shut down by Wegmans have been linked to increased piracy rates and unavailable inventory in other stores and chains that use such technology.

For example, Walmart had to halt its Scan-and-Go program in 2018 over theft concerns, according to a former executive. The company has since reintroduced mobile scan-and-go for Walmart+ customers.

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